Five Creative Ways that Singles and Couples Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Enough with the couples with red roses, a box of chocolates and wine with dinner cliché and the singles grumbling on social media because ‘woe is me I’m alone on the day of love’ crap. I’d like to think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for us to be creative. Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, a friend, or your mom, why not set the intention to have fun, instead of gushing over the stems that will die in a week? (Okay, my feelings on flower arrangements are another rant. Moving on.)

Below are 5 ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with whomever, regardless of the terms of your relationship.

1. Play Memory Charades


Each person writes down 10 favorite memories they have with the other person. Each person will take a turn being the guesser. The guesser has only 1 minute to identify as many memories as they can. Remember, the actor cannot speak or make any sounds!

Want to elongate the game? Allow 1 minute for each item on your list.

Having a hard time generating enough memories? Use bucket-list items rather than memories.

Want to raise the stakes? If the guesser is unable to identify the item in 1 minute, they have to take a drink. If the guesser successfully identifies the item in 1 minute, the actor takes a drink. (Actors cannot intentionally sabotage their own acting skills to make the guesser drink!)

2. Share the Love


Feeling particularly outgoing? Make or buy some cheesy Valentine’s Day cards and prance around the mall or downtown area handing out joy to people walking alone. Just think, with your random act of kindness you may single-handedly change the course of their day. Because of you, that person might take on a little more bounce in their step. You, my friend, have the potential for being this year’s Cupid in disguise.

3. Enjoy a Feast of Foods You’ve Never Eaten Before


Be a snobby food critic for the day, and simultaneously experience the rush of putting things in your mouth that have never been there before. Afraid of sushi? Today’s your day! Nervous about Thai? Don’t be shy! Another great way to induce a fit of giggles is by going to the produce section of your grocery store and buying all the fruit you stare at each week but never have the courage to try. Starfruit, Prickly pears, and Kumquats galore!

Enhance your mystery feast with a variety six pack of beers you’ve never tried before. Cheers to new experiences.

4. 10 Minute Portrait


Whether you have finger paints, crayons or sharpies in a junk drawer, grab all the art supplies you can find and set up your studio on the kitchen table. Sit directly across from your partner, set the timer for 10 minutes, and GO! At the end of these frantic 10 minutes you’ll have a valentine portrait to cherish for years to come. Remember to sign and date your art!

5. Chocolate Competition

Mario Kart 64 (U)

Break out the classics like Monopoly, Battleship, and Mario Kart, and modify rules to include rewards of chocolate. Pass Go, collect $200 and the Ghirardelli. You’ve sunk my battleship. Here, have a Reese’s. Oh, you flung a green shell at me with deadly accuracy seconds before I crossed the finish line in 1st place causing me to spin out literally millimeters before the finish line, therefore allowing me the privilege of taking 6th place? Bravo! Let me provide you with a delectable cherry-centered chocolate morsel of heaven.

What creative plans do you have this Valentine’s Day?  

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One thought on “Five Creative Ways that Singles and Couples Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. That was awesome to read. What a great idea to share these ideas. They are fun and bring out the child in all of us. Great Job!!

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