How to Make the Most of your 2 Days in Athens: Day 2

So you made it through your first day in Athens and are definitely feeling all the kilometers you walked yesterday. You still want to make the most of your second day in this historic city, but are hoping to keep the walking to a minimum. Great news: nearly everything you want to see in Athens is easily and quickly accessibly by the metro. However, If you have the leg strength, I encourage you to walk as you’ll discover street vendors, performers and art that you would otherwise not enjoy. Take it easy on Day 2 by enjoying the following must-have experiences:

 1. Check out the Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum

Spend an hour or two checking out the historic gems found in the Acropolis Museum. Personally, I love looking through all the pottery. You’ll also have the opportunity to see pillars from the Erechtheion up close and many other archaeological treasures from the site.

 2. Pictures at Parliament

Greek Parliament

The Parliament Building is located in Syntagma (walking distance from where you explored yesterday). Be wary of how you pose for your pictures though. If they think you are being disrespectful, they’ll let you know real quick!

3. Wade in Vouliagmeni Lake 

Vouliagmeni Lake

Pick up the bus to Vouliagmeni Lake in Syntagma Square. Vouliagmeni has warm water all year round, so no matter the weather you can take a swim in the healing waters. Little fish live in the lake that will nibble your toes if you sit still enough. Treat yourself to an all-natural spa day and soak up that Mediterranean sun!

4. Dinner and drinks anywhere

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Indulge in some traditional Greek favorites after your lazy afternoon in the sun like dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), saganaki (fried cheese) and lemon chicken. Complement your meal by experimenting to find your favorite Greek drink. To be a proper tourist, try a shot of ouzo. Rakomelo is far more sweet, spicy and delicious (not to mention you can sip it through the night)

Of course there are countless places to see and things to do in Athens, but there are also countless places to explore outside of Athens as well. Greece has something to offer for whatever type of experience you are pursuing. What is on your must-see list in Greece? What alternative things would you have put on this 2 day itinerary or what additional information would you like about the items on this itinerary?

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